Travelin’ tips

I feel a little guilty writing this post because it’s about healthiness and I just ate half a pound of cookie dough and brownie batter. Now I feel crappy. (Learn from my mistakes) Anyway.

My family and I went to California this past weekend (traveling across the country for a two-day stay- tell me how that makes sense), and I have some tips and tricks to have a successful, healthy trip.

who doesn't love a good selfie with an airplane

Here’s a just-for-shits’n’giggles airport selfie with my lil bro. He likes to wear rubber bands around his neck. (See the airplane in the back?)

#1: Drink lots of water on the plane!  People have a tendency to skimp on water while flying because they either don’t want to have to get up and use the bathroom, or they forget that they’re thirsty.  Also, it’s always awkward when you have to wake up the complete stranger next to you and ask them to move now because I’m going to pee my pants in five seconds.  Anyway, don’t skimp on water! Staying hydrated is important.

#2: Wear compression socks on the plane.  This helps prevent deep vein thrombosis (swelling and blood clots). I packed some snazzy white calf sleeves and sported them under yoga pants.  Yay for comfort 🙂

#3: Pack your own food! The night before an airplane ride, my mom always orders a pizza or subs for a quick, easy, unhealthy airplane meal the next day.  This time, she ordered sausage pizza.  Nope! Sorry, not for me.  To avoid ingesting this fatty, cheesy, greasy mess, I made myself a nice little wrap.  Whole wheat tortilla, chicken breast, low fat Italian dressing, cherry tomatoes, and spinach.

My delicious wrap- better and 100x more nutritious than pizza!!

My delicious wrap- better and 100x more nutritious than pizza!! (it was more appetizing than the photo looks)

It was sooo good.  Much better than sausage pizza.  I also packed oranges, a banana, and some semi-sweet chocolate chips. Girl’s gotta indulge somehow 😉  My tip for you is, if you pack yummy, healthy food, you can avoid ingesting the unhealthy crap that comes with traveling.

#4: Get up and walk around every once in awhile.  Staying in a cramped seat with no leg room for 5+ hours is not my idea of a good time.  I try to get my blood flowing and muscles working, even just by walking up and down the aisle a couple times throughout the flight. (This is easiest if you’re sitting in the aisle seat, obviously).

Our flight was relatively painless, although there was a weird-looking man who chewed through an entire pack of gum before we even took off sitting across from me. Oh, well. Can’t have everything.

I’m really looking forward to my next post because I think workout posts are more exciting than this kinda thing. (You should read it anyway, of course)